Emerald City

"Emerald City" appeared for over four years in the Personals section of the Eugene Weekly. The strip chronicled the antics of thirty-something bachelors Will and Barry, and the ensuing madness following the arrival of Will's spunky nine-year-old niece.

The Beginning: Emerald City: The Book introduces you to Will and Barry in over 80 wacky strips. Eugene-o-philes will appreciate the strip's local origins, from the L&L Market to Hyundai. Foreword by Jan Eliot. $8.00 (price includes shipping). Limited quantities.

The Middle: Say Uncle, a collection of over 100 zany "Emerald City" cartoons, is the continuing story of Will and Barry as they meet their match in the form of Katie, Will's feisty, precocious niece. $10.00 (price includes shipping).

The End: If you have the first two books, and want to find out what finally happens to Will, Barry and Katie, then you need Odds & Ends— the concluding 48 strips of "Emerald City". Unbound, in a packet format, Odds & Ends is available for the unbelievably low price of $3.00 (price includes shipping). Not available in stores.

The Whole Shebang: Get the definitive "Emerald City" collection with over 200 cartoons! You get Emerald City: The Book, Say Uncle, and Odds & Ends for just one low price. $19.00 (price includes shipping).

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