Celebrate Adversity
Only in Eugene book cover

Introducing Only in Eugene - a collection of over 160 political cartoons focusing on local issues from 1994 - 2000.

Let's face it. Eugene is a place where folks get riled up about stuff. If there's one thing Eugeneans can agree upon, it's that we need to have some questionnaires, public forums, and plenty of letters to the editor before we can really not agree with each other.

If it's not the cross on the butte, it's Hyundai, or anarchists, or everything in between. Here now is a series of editorial cartoons chronicling these burning issues as they have ravaged the political landscape over the last half-decade before the millennium. It is a history of events which, although seen through an admittedly distorted lens, could have happened… Only in Eugene.

Only in Eugene is available at Tsunami Books in Eugene or by ordering directly.

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